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Nestle In

Hello There!

Today, I have my last 'Birds Of A Feather' inspired manicure to show you guys, before I start a new Inspiration series. I decided to paint an abstract interpretation of bird's nests and eggs in a muted, earthy colour palette.

I started by painting my nails with Revlon Parfumerie 'Moonlit Woods' which is a beautiful lilac tinted blue-grey nail polish in a pearlised finish. It also has a sweet, cool scent to it which oddly does remind me of some sort of magical woodland!

Note; 'Moonlit Woods' is not quite as blue/purple in tone as these photos show.

I diluted Essie 'Coat Couture' (matte purple-grey with iridescent shimmer) with Orly Polish Thinner and dabbed the mix onto each nail for some texture. I then painted on the rough shape of each nest using Orly 'Nite Owl' (light taupe with silver glass fleck) and a medium detail brush.

Once that was dry, I added twigs and shaped each nest using the following nail polishes (from light to…
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Feather Soft

Afternoon People :)

Today, I have a manicure inspired by bird's feathers to show you. It's more of an abstract take on the patterns found on feathers rather than a realistic representation. It was super fun to do and has distinctive tribal vibes to it which is perfect for festival season!

First, I painted most of my nails in Essie 'Pure Chiffon' which is a gorgeous shell pink nude with iridescent shimmer. It looks so elegant and beautiful on the nails but unfortunately takes quite a few layers to build up. The Essie brush does make it very easy to apply though so if you don't mind taking your time with application then the colour is totally worth it!

On my thumb and pinkie nails, I applied Barry M 'Coconut', an off-white creme which is a great base for nail art.

I then started to roughly block in the main areas of pattern & colour using Barry M 'Chai' (medium-light grey), Barry M 'Sunkissed' (warm nude) and China Glaze 'Dress Me Up&#…

In One Basket

A Good Evening To You All!

Today I have a quick and simple manicure to show you, inspired by nature :) Every year, my Mum and I spend a couple of weeks watching over a Blue-tit nest via a nest camera. This year I was inspired by the beautiful, random patterns that can be seen on the eggs!

I started off by painting my nails in various soft, muted colours. I used Butter London 'Dubs' (muted, soft pink/nude glitter texture) on my thumb and ring fingers. A beautiful nail polish and perfect for accent nails!

On the rest of my nails I used the following; Essie 'Coat Couture' (matte dusky purple with turquoise/magenta shimmer), Essie 'Find Me An Oasis' (pastel blue) and OPI 'My Vampire Is Buff' (creamy eggshell nude).

As this design is pretty much abstract, it's very easy to do but looks great! I used Barry M 'Cocoa' (chocolate brown) and Barry M 'Chai' (medium grey) for my egg patterns. I applied the nail polish by dabbing with a small bru…

Inspiration: Birds Of A Feather

Hello Everyone!

Spring has finally well and truly arrived, thank goodness. One of my favourite things to do at the moment is to take a walk outside and see what new plants are sprouting :) There's always a few surprises to brighten my day!

At the moment, I've been really inspired by the idea of new beginnings, natural textures and soft, muted colours;

 Aah, I just love those colours! I'm looking forward to trying my hand at feathery textures and egg patterns :)

Thanks for reading!


Baby, It's Cold Outside

Hey There!

I'm back today to show you my final Winter inspired nail art! As it's been a tad chilly around here recently I thought I would paint some cozy, warm Winter accessories (scarf, mittens and bobble hat) on my nails :) Unfortunately it hasn't actually snowed in my neck of the woods so I shall have to live vicariously through my nails...

I began by painting all my nails with Revlon Parfumerie 'Wintermint' which is a frosted aqua nail polish featuring small turquoise hex glitter, gold micro glitter and fine green shimmer. I think it's really unique and very fitting for this time of year!

Unfortunately due to it's frosted and shimmery finish, it's also really difficult to accurately photograph; it's a much brighter greenish aqua in person.

To start the nail art, I used a medium sized brush and Essie 'Blanc'to block out the basic shapes on each nail and to form a solid background for some of the paler colours.

Once that was completely dry…

Counting Stars

A Good Afternoon Everyone!!

Yesterday, I decided to sit down and do some much needed nail art! It's been way too long!

I wanted to try something new and fun but wasn't in the mood to do anything too complicated (ha!). I also just bought a bunch of mini craft punches so I decided to have a go at creating nail polish shapes with those! I've seen quite a few nail art bloggers using this technique lately but haven't actually tried it out myself yet :)

I started by painting all my nails with Essie 'Apres-chic', a lovely bright silver metallic. I'm usually on the fence when it comes to silver nail polish but I really like this one. It has a muted soft finish and light feel to it which I adore :)

While I waited for that to dry, I started on the stars. I painted small but thick patches of nail polish onto a small plastic bag using Revlon 'Lana'i Lagoon' (bright blue glitter texture) and Butter London 'Airy Fairy' (aqua-blue-purple shimmer). In t…

Razzle Dazzle

Good Evening People!!

Today, I'm showing you my Christmas manicure for this year! I may have gone a tad crazy with the glitter and rhinestones... Oops! At least it's appropriately festive and sparkly :) And to be honest, if you can't get away with glitter overboard at this time of year, when can you?!

Glitter Mania!! Ha Ha!

I started the manicure by painting all my nails with Essie 'Lots Of Lux' which is the most beautiful royal blue textured glitter polish. It's so sparkly and the colour is crazy intense! Love it.

I then created a glittery crescent at each cuticle (like a ruffian manicure) using a small detail brush and China Glaze 'Glistening Snow' (silver holo micro-glitter). Once that was completely dry, I layered over Essie 'Beyond Cozy' (fine silver shimmer) and Orly 'Holy Holo!' (silver holo hex glitter).

I also painted on some thin 'ribbons' hanging down the nails with a tiny detail brush and Essie 'Beyond Cozy'.